The NuServe customer experience

We pride ourselves on the way we look after our customers and being easy to work with. We value open channels of communication, being quick to respond and a commitment to quality and innovation. Sounds good in writing – what does it look like in practice?

We employ a team of 13 Account and Service Managers to look after a portfolio of 150. That’s an industry-leading one manager for every 12 sites.

We have a flat organisation with no red tape. If something isn’t working, any colleague can bring it to the attention of our Senior Management team, who will sort it out quickly.

We’re a family business with a reputation to protect. Our owners are involved in the day-to-day running of the business and go to great lengths to ensure our customers are happy.

Your journey with NuServe begins here

1. Introduction to your dedicated Account Manager

Your go-to person for anything you need. Contact them by email, phone or chat, and expect a response in under two hours, if not immediately. They’ll visit the site several times each month.

2. Meet your Service Manager

They work hand in hand with your Account Manager, focusing on service delivery, eg recruiting and managing the team, checking quality of work, stock and machinery. As well as visiting site during shifts, they’ll attend some site meetings, so you’ll get to build a relationship with them as well.

3. Regular quality audits

These take place every month, or at a frequency agreed with you. This is captured electronically and shared with you and the cleaning team, ensuring we keep on top of cleaning standards, identify any concerns and resolve them in good time.

4. Review meetings

You’ll be invited to attend monthly and quarterly review meetings, where we present new initiatives, challenges, progress and updates, and agree actions and deadlines. Bernard Kirkman, our Head of Operations, attends all quarterly meetings and remains available to you as an escalation path, should this be required.

5. Innovation days

Several times a year, Account Managers and suppliers are asked to present any innovations they think we should be bringing to the attention of our customers. We constantly challenge ourselves to be the first to introduce customers to innovations that will deliver value.

Intelligent systems

Online training

Our award-winning online training platform guides colleagues through a series of videos and quizzes, designed to build and assess their competency. At any point in time, our system enables us to provide you with an accurate record of who has completed which modules, and on which date. This is useful for compliance purposes, as well as ensuring your site benefits from a consistently trained team, capable of delivering a first class service.

Currently, over 90% of our entire workforce has completed the core modules within our online system. Further modules include Supervisory Skills, Safeguarding and Element of Inclusion, which tackles awareness of unconscious bias, racism, diversity and inclusion.

Time and Attendance

Our Time and Attendance system enables us to remotely monitor attendance data specific to your site, to ensure you’re getting the service you pay for.

Quality control

Our innovative quality control and CRM system allows our Account Managers to monitor your Cleaning and H&S audits over time, and to compare the performance at your site with other sites across the business. This enables us to share best practice across all sites.


Our quoting system allows us to quickly and conveniently prepare professional looking quotes for your review, which means you’re not left waiting for someone back at the office to generate something that you need urgently.


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