• Our story

    NuServe was founded in the UK in 1996. Today we employ nearly 500 people and provide services to over 100 clients throughout London and the South East. The business is family owned and, with a bright and enthusiastic team driving it, has consistently grown by around 25% year on year.

    The origins of the business are equally impressive. In 1969 our now Chairman, Vince Lockwood, left school and started Prestige Office Cleaners in Durban, South Africa. Nearly 30 years later, he sold what had become the largest cleaning company in South Africa, employing over 10,000 staff. The business continues today as Bidvest Prestige. Vince and his son, Richard, subsequently founded NuServe and were joined a few years later by Simon Duke, Vince’s nephew, who took over the running of the business.

Simon Duke

managing director

Simon doesn’t like standing still. He has lived on three continents so far and has a compulsion for challenging the status quo. He loves anything that promises innovation, believes bars are for raising and promises for keeping. When he’s not looking for new ways to improve things, he swims competitively (aiming to finish with a GB top 10 masters age group time this season) and makes a mean cup of coffee, having trained as a barista.

Yvonne Duke

hr director

Job satisfaction to Yvonne is getting things right first time. As a former guitar teacher, though, she understands the importance of practice and putting in the work to make the performance perfect, a value she applies to getting the best out of our teams. She enjoys reading books that give her a deeper understanding of people, and when she’s not feeding her knowledge of the human psyche you’ll find her feeding someone else with one of her culinary creations.

Richard Lockwood


Richard likes to stay in touch with nature and is passionate about improving the environment. You’ll often find him researching the most eco-friendly ways to keep our customers’ offices clean and he likes to spend his down time either at the stove with a challenging new recipe or out convening with nature in his camper van. He keeps a global view by climbing mountains and ranks the 4,017m Weissmies in the Swiss Alps as his greatest high.

Tereska Sherman

financial controller

Tereska is one of those people with a head for figures, patterns and puzzles, which makes her ideal as our financial controller. When she’s not balancing the books and figuring out ways to improve the bottom line, she enjoys spending time with her children, walking the dog, going to the gym and gardening. She spent her childhood growing up in a castle, which just so happened to be a country pub.

Brett Walker

operations manager

Brett prides himself on being the type of guy you can count on and enjoys delivering client satisfaction through finding simple and efficient solutions. This attention to detail at work means that in his spare time he likes nothing more than to unwind in the outdoors away from the "hustle and bustle" and will often take part in 5 day hiking trails. His claim to fame is that he once went diving with Whale Sharks.

Charlotte Jones

business development executive

Having swum competitively for Sussex, Charlotte has a keen sense of competition. Her warm and friendly disposition helps her to build solid business opportunities and develop close relationships with potential clients. Away from work she likes to spend time with friends and family creating new and fun memories and says, somewhat enigmatically, that her claim to fame is currently in progress… watch this space!

Bernard Kirkman

head of operations

Bernard loves it when a plan comes together. He takes pride in motivating his teams to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. Having survived close encounters with a rhino, an elephant, a hippo and Michael Jackson, nothing fazes Bernard or dents his sense of humour. In his spare time he enjoys the company of his family, coaches children’s rugby and tests his culinary skills by cooking dishes from around the world.

Rachelle Kearins

operations manager

A gifted singer who won a bursary to the Blackheath Conservatoire, Rachelle is our grande dame of high tempo, harmonious management, always making sure her team are singing from the same hymn sheet to provide note perfect customer service. And if that’s not enough musical puns, she gets her kicks from seeing the world and unwinding with family and friends.

Angie Hall

business development executive

Angie was named after a song by the Rolling Stones and calls herself a bubbly social butterfly. She can often be found at a gig or festival and a recent highlight was that she managed to meet the lead singer of her favourite band. Luckily she also knows how to unwind in her quiet time by going to the gym and her weekly yoga class or by cooking new healthy vegan recipes. In the workplace Angie enjoys interacting with people and building new relationships whether on the phone or in the office.

Malgorzata Gorka

operations manager

A highly motivated self-starter, Malgorzata is self-taught in both English and computing and now helps to develop our software. She loves applying technology to finding solutions and simplifying processes to improve the service we provide to customers and when she’s not learning new skills she likes to cook, read, watch TV (but only the interesting stuff) and maintain her health and fitness at the gym.

Sarah Turnwell

operations administrator

Sarah’s uncle is the famous show jumper Harvey Smith and she grew up on a farm surrounded by ponies. So it’s no surprise that she sees obstacles as nothing more than a challenge to be cleared and pushes herself to jump higher and further to provide the best possible support and service to clients and colleagues. Away from work, Sarah likes to run, socialise, listen to music and spend time with her family.

Chad Healey

operations manager

Chad places great importance on his attention to detail and making sure that the job is done right. He is passionate about NuServe as a company and building tight relationships with staff, clients and colleagues. He has grit and determination and proved this when he came second in a country wide run against his fellow colleagues representing their 250 sites. In his spare time he relaxes by trout fishing and recalls his favourite time sitting in the Drakensburg Mountains around a camp fire and a cold beer.

Nicola Jordan

hr administrator

Nicola is related to the legendary bourbon distiller Jack Daniels and certainly helps to keep spirits high among the NuServe team with her positive manner. She is never short of commitment and drive in giving our staff the support they need to achieve the very best standards for our clients. A mother of twins, Nicola likes to bake, play board games and scuba dive, but not all at the same time.

Dax Goose

commercial director

Singing Italian Opera during his youth, Dax knows just how to keep to the hymn sheet. He lives by the moto "Plan the work and work the plan" and applies this not only to his job but also to his golf game. He once fell 60ft without the assistance of a rope so now believes in being securely in control - with a little help.

Wendy Maguire

site manager

Wendy has always been into her fitness, starting as a child when she was the youngest Coventry Schoolgirls Pentathlon champion two years on the run and even now she attends the gym most evenings. Another interesting fact is that she was chosen to represent the UK in the Junior Olympics in 1976 but unfortunately couldn't attend as she broke her arm on the trampoline. At work Wendy is passionate about making the job run effectively and efficiently whilst having fully trained staff who are confident and content within their roles.

Mike Ravenscroft

health & safety administrator

At work Mike is passionate about encouraging a positive attitude towards health and safety and also finding new technological solutions to keep things organised. During his spare-time he likes building LEGO sets and is most proud of the UCS Millennium Falcon! He also enjoys restoring old pieces of furniture and chilling by the river in his back garden. If that isnt enough playing sports is also a hobby of Mikes, namely football and ice hockey. His claim to fame was that he was fortunate enough to meet Stan Lee of Marvel Comics and another interesting fact was that he used to make Maltesers before starting work at NuServe.

Amy‑Lynn Ferguson

hr/payroll administrator

Amy is passionate about being a team player and working towards a mutual goal with her colleagues, who she also considers to be her friends. During her spare-time she likes to spend time with loved ones, eat good food and drink good wine and on long weekends she enjoys going on bike rides with her partner and young daughter. Amy revels in learning new things and pushing herself out of her comfort zone. This was backed up when she completed a sailing course and did an abseil for charity with her family. She once played the organ in the cabaret club at the end of Eastbourne pier, when she was 7 years old, because her Dad made her… and this made the audience cry because she was so sweet!

Warren Vermeulen

operations manager

At work Warren is passionate about superlative service and dedication and believes strongly that what you put in, you get back out. During his spare-time he enjoys being outdoors and visiting the park with his daughter. The other love in his life is sport which is probably why he is so competitive in everything he does and always wants to give things his best shot. He classes his claim to fame as finding Real success is finding your life work in the work that you love!

Emese Kiss‑Németh

finance assistant

As well as swimming through the Balaton in Hungary without stopping Emese is also a qualified diver so she is definitely not afraid of the unknown. She has a keen sense of adventure and even took the step to go skydiving to push herself out of her comfort zone. In her spare time she enjoys travelling and exploring new places with friends as well as relaxing whilst reading. At work she likes organisation and having things balanced and up to date, whilst paying attention to the finer details.