We’re serious about sustainability

Being eco-friendly is no longer a lifestyle choice, it is a solemn responsibility. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun being green, though. In fact, we get huge satisfaction from sourcing products, machinery and materials that are kind to the planet, and passing on the benefits to our clients and colleagues.


Our B Corp certification holds us accountable for the environmental impact of everything we do and everything our clients ask of us. This in turn makes us increasingly aware of the opportunities to protect our planet, which we’re embracing through:


We are working to achieve 100% sustainability in the products we use and supply. 

  • Paper – We are exploring alternatives like bamboo, or just going paperless, eg our staff newsletter. The paper goods we supply are from sustainable forests
  • Cleaning products – For the protection of the planet and our frontline workers, we are pioneering the use of enzyme and plant-based cleaning products that don’t harm the environment or the people who come into contact with them.
  • Plastics – We are working to minimise plastic packaging and eliminating single use plastics by using refillable containers.
  • Social enterprise – Where we can we buy products that promote social enterprise.

Some of these products cost a little more to buy but this is outweighed by the long-term benefits. Clean, naturally fresh workplaces mean happier, healthier employees and higher productivity.

waste management

We work with our clients to minimise their waste going to landfill and thus save considerable cost in waste disposal.

By installing designated recycling bins and helping to guide building occupants in their appropriate use, we can achieve considerable savings, which benefit everybody.

Carbon footprint

We’re not waiting until 2050 to become Carbon Net Zero. We’re doing it now and encouraging our clients to do it too. All it takes is three simple steps:

Measure – It’s important to know exactly what volume of greenhouse gases are going into the atmosphere as a result of our work. Ours is measured by Planet Mark. And right now, our carbon emissions are net zero. 

Reduce – There are many ways to reduce our carbon emissions and create a better business in the process. These include switching to renewable energy, installing LED sensor lighting, using recycled paper and managing waste more efficiently. Flexible working makes more efficient use of people’s time and energy. And then there’s transport – we’re changing all our fleet to electric vehicles by 2023.

Offset – Even after all these reductions, there will still be some carbon emissions. But we can offset them by planting trees. We work with the World Land Trust to manage our carbon offset and protect ‘An Acre of Rainforest’ on behalf of every new customer.


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