1 in 5 Millennials Stressed Out By Poor Office Design

 29 Mar 2018

New research out this week shows that 1 in 5 of ‘Millennial’ generation say they are stressed out at work by poor office design.

Millennials, also referred to sometimes as ‘Generation Y’ or ‘Echo Boomers’, are young people born (roughly, the years are the subject of much debate) between the early 1980s and the mid to late 1990s.

Currently making up 35 percent of the UK workplace, and forecast to be three quarters of the total UK workforce within the next seven years, it is crucial for recruiters and employers to keep Millennials happy in their office environment.

Based on the new research, it seems like many organisations are failing to provide the Millennial demographic with workplace conditions which make them feel comfortable; something which, actually, shouldn’t be too difficult to fix once the problem is spotted.

The research, carried out by polling firm One Poll on behalf of co-working specialist Mindset, reveals that 20 percent of 25 to 34 year olds say that negative office environments make them stressed in the workplace.

An even larger proportion of the office workers surveyed (1 in 4 staff) said that their office’s design made them feel tired due to things such as poor lighting, lack of fresh air and unproductive layout.

Over a quarter of office staff described their current workplace as ‘outdated and dull’ and 3 in 10 young people said their office environment was ‘uninspiring and boring’.

Perhaps even more worryingly, 21 percent of people who responded to the survey said that they had rejected a potential employer because of the style of their office, meaning that you could be missing out on the best young talent by not keeping a close eye on the look and feel of your workplace.

Unlike their predecessors, Generation X, who typically wanted a ‘job for life’ with frequent opportunities to progress up the career ladder, Millennials are seen as being motivated more by a good work/life balance and flexibility in the workplace with such initiatives as remote working and hot desking.

fun office environment can also be a great way to attract Millennials to come and work for you - and to retain them and keep them motivated once they are a part of your team.

Commenting on the new research, Mindspace’s Chief Executive Officer, Dan Zakai, said: “While many young workers in the UK still value a good workplace culture and decent salary, employers need to start placing a much larger emphasis on the aesthetics of the office and fostering a more collaborative workspace in order to retain and attract the best young talent through their doors.”

Find out more about improving the feel and quality of your workplace environment and why you should keep your office clean (and green).

You can also contact us today for a quote so that we can arrange for your workplace to be beautifully maintained at all times.

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