27 Jul 2020, 19:13

5 Employee Engagement Ideas For Your Business

With the way we all work changing, and large swathes of the country working from home, employee engagement is more critical than ever right now. But it can be challenging to find the right balance. When does regular, healthy social interaction become just another distraction?

When employee engagement is dome properly, a business can enjoy higher employee retention and increased productivity.

Sadly, research has shown that UK employee engagement rates are some of the lowest in the world. The average engagement score is 45% in the UK. This score is vastly different from 60% in America. Also, businesses with high engagement scores tend to have high employee performance. Not forgetting, disengaged employees make more errors, resulting in extra costs.

Employee Engagement Ideas That Work

So, what can you do in your business? Here are five ideas to help you engage with your employees. Get ready to make them feel like a valued member of the team.

#1 Create A Nice Environment

Imagine if you could make your office a little oasis for your employees. They would enjoy coming to work more. Everybody wants to work somewhere comfortable. A study at the University of Exeter found that plants in offices can increase productivity by 15%.  You could use the services of a facilities management company. They can help place beautiful interior plants and also keep the office spotless.

#2 Give Your Employees Flexibility

For employees who have children, it can be hard for them to manage their time. Also, for employees who don’t have children, they have other commitments. You could take this into account and be as flexible as you can with their hours.

Employees love some flexibility at work. Whatever you can do to make their lives a little easier, will not go unnoticed. Flexjobs conducted a survey with employees who told them flexible hours saved them money and stress.

#3 Offer An Employee Share Scheme

If you can, your company could consider offering an employee share scheme. It is a direct way to engage employees with the company. When an employee owns shares, they want the company to succeed as they will benefit as well. It makes them feel more connected to the company. HMRC has four different types of share schemes. These schemes can also offer tax advantages for employers and business owners.

#4 Show Them Gratitude

All employees remember the times when a boss thanked them for their work. It is very welcome at the end of a hard day at work. Employees will appreciate it on the days when they are busy. A little thank you can go a very long way. You could also extend your gratitude even further with other gestures. For example, you could buy lunch for everyone in the office or some vouchers for a spa or an event.

#5 Virtual Team Building

You might think team-building exercises might not work right now. But there are still ways that you can make it work virtually. All you have to do is get a bit creative with your ideas.

Weekly Exercise Class

Find out what exercise class your employees like to do. For example, it could be yoga, aerobics, or a dance class. Set up a weekly exercise session. This class can be a virtual bridge for office workers and remote workers.

Arrange Team Events Online

You could also arrange a virtual team tour of a museum, a virtual concert, or a live stream safari. All you have to do is create a group call on Google Hangouts or Zoom, and everybody can enjoy the fun.


As employees adjust to the “new norm”, employee engagement is a valuable tool. Social distancing is critical for your employees’ health. But it can also distance them from the business. Try some of the ideas above to engage with your employees. An office full of happy employees means a more productive workforce. They will appreciate the effort and your business with thrive as a result.