17 Apr 2018, 19:47

5 Morning Rituals For A Productive Day At The Office

Want to have a mega-productive day in the office? Then there are a number of morning rituals you can perform before you even get to the workplace which can boost your productivity levels no end.

Get your day off to an absolute flier using these 5 tried and tested methods for success...

Get Up Earlier

The most successful and productive workers tend to be early risers. By getting up earlier you’ll be more awake and alert by the time you get to the office. You could also set off on the commute earlier, meaning you’ll miss the rush hour panic and arrive at work completely stress-free.

How early is early? Some research suggests that 4am is a sweet spot. Apple CEO Tim Cook starts his day at 3:45am, while Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson is a relatively late riser at 5am.

If that sounds like overkill to you, then there’s no need to exaggerate and miss out on sleep. Even by getting up half an hour or an hour earlier than you usually would, you should see some huge improvements in productivity.

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Now that you are up and about, make sure you don’t skip breakfast in a desperate effort to get to work early.

If you fuel your body, you fuel your brain. Getting some healthy food inside you early in the morning will boost your energy levels throughout the whole day, leading to a much more productive day at the office.

Foods such as muesli and drinks like fresh orange juice or smoothies are great options but you can find many more ideas for healthy pre-work breakfasts here.

Do Some Exercise

Exercise will make you too tired to work won’t it?

Certainly not!

Light exercise or, if you are generally fit anyway, a workout at the gym, can actually boost your energy levels, get those endorphins flowing, improve your circulation and set you up for maximum productivity by the time you reach the office.

If your commute is not too far then you could also consider walking or cycling to work.

Get Motivated!

Now that your body is all pumped up, it’s time to finely tune your mind for a productive day ahead.

Think positive thoughts. Tell yourself YOU ARE going to hit your targets! YOU WILL excel in your presentation. YOU CAN delegate other tasks to the right people!

Draw Up A (Realistic) To-Do List For The Day

Whether you do it before you leave or the house or immediately on arrival at the office, make sure you have a crystal clear idea of which tasks you need to complete today.

Be realistic (but ambitious) and prioritise the most important jobs that need doing over the next eight hours.

Having a solid to-do list for the day will prevent you from getting bogged down with irrelevant tasks and will have you feeling like a go-getting achiever at the end of every day.