16 Jan 2019, 20:41

8 Unhygienic Habits To Banish From Your Office

Did you know that up to 62% of people don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom?

Quite a shocking statistic isn’t it?

Especially if you pair that statistic with the fact that almost half of UK office staff say that they have fallen prey to illness due to the poor hygiene habits of their colleagues.

1 in 3 office staff say they have contracted diarrhoea at work, 1 in 7 have suffered from food poisoning and 1 in 10 have developed a skin condition due to hygiene levels in the workplace.

Sick Days

Even worse, 2 in 5 members of staff say they have recently taken at least one sick day as a direct result of bad hygiene around the office.

So, if you can improve the general hygiene levels in your workplace then you will not only be improving the wellbeing of your staff, you will also be reducing the number of sick days taken and therefore boosting both productivity and profit margins.

(And, incidentally, you’ll also be casting your healthy net even wider than your workplace since almost half of infected staff say they have passed on germs to friends or family too).

Another important point to consider is staff retention. 1 in 10 women and 1 in 20 men say they have considered finding a new job because their current workplace hygiene levels are so poor.

Can you afford to lose valuable staff to something as easy to solve as unhygienic habits?

Bad Habits

So, what sort of bad habits need tackling?

Well, here are eight of the top culprits which contribute to bad hygiene in offices according to a survey of more than 1,000 UK workers by global hygiene firm SCA:

  1. Sneezing without a tissue
  2. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink
  3. Not washing hands thoroughly and regularly
  4. Not flushing the toilet
  5. Not emptying bins until they are overflowing
  6. Eating at a desk
  7. Not disposing of sanitary products appropriately
  8. Biting nails

Given all that, what can you do to cut down on unhygienic habits and make sure your office is a healthy place to work?

Education, Education, Education

Well, the good news is that your staff are probably already well-inclined to help you out. Only 1 in 4 UK workers consider their workplace to be very hygienic - but 2 in 3 wish their office was cleaner and more hygienic.

So, if you can onboard the right people then much of the work and education needed to tackle bad hygiene habits will be carried out on your behalf by conscientious members of staff.

Without patronising, educate your staff about the consequences of unhygienic habits and help eradicate germs from your office forever.

And, of course, it’s always wise to get the experts in. Hire a professional office cleaning firm like NuServe and we’ll take care of all your hygiene and sanitisation. Get in touch now for a quote...