The best colours to improve the work environment

 22 Sep 2021

Colours have a powerful effect on mood, behaviour and emotions. They influence how we perceive our surroundings and respond to them. In the workplace, the right colour scheme can improve mood and emotion, physiology and wellbeing, and work-related outcomes, according to studies.

When deciding what colours to incorporate in your office, don't just think of aesthetics. Consider how they can foster the ideal working environment, one that keeps your employees both motivated and relaxed and helps you achieve your goals. 

With this in mind, here's an introduction to how some of the most popular and attractive colours can be used in your place of work.


Relaxed and calming, blue conveys a sense of trust, purity and cleanliness. It is the colour of a calm sea, clear sky and clean rivers and stimulates clear thoughts, orderliness, calmness and confidence. Blue brings a fresh and bright feel to any space. Examples of workplace rooms that can benefit from blue are research areas, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces.


Dominant in the natural world, green is a colour associated with life, growth, health and renewal. Green is an excellent choice for the workplace because it inspires creativity and productivity and reduces anxiety and eye strain. It is located in the centre of the colour spectrum, and so the eye doesn't have to make any adjustments when it strikes the retina. Rooms that can benefit from a splash of green include workspaces and employee relaxation areas.


Yellow is as bright as sunshine, a vibrant, cheerful, fun and optimistic colour that lifts the spirits and makes you feel you can achieve anything. It is an ideal choice to fuel creativity and innovation. Good places to incorporate yellow are meeting rooms, collaborative spaces and lounges. Even just a hint of yellow against a neutral backdrop can bring out its positive effects.


Red is a bold, powerful and intense colour that ignites passion and represents strength and excitement. It certainly grabs attention. Red can set pulses racing and increase brain activity, making it a good choice for fast-paced, dynamic offices.

However, as red can also provoke feelings of anger and passion, it's best not to make it the most dominant hue in your colour scheme. Instead, consider using accents of red in the office. Among the best areas to use red are where people work late, canteens and hallways where there is a lot of movement.


Pink is a versatile colour that can be fun, flamboyant and soothing. Hot pink is exciting and increases heart rates, while pastel pink can be neutral and calming. The best areas to use pink are chill-out zones and offices where a laidback vibe is encouraged.


Black is associated with power, prestige, authority, luxury and sophistication. However, it must be applied sparingly; otherwise, a space can feel gloomy and oppressive. The best places to use black include boardrooms and public-facing areas of companies that want to promote a luxury feeling.

Ready To Get Started With Colour?

Don't settle for boring greys or dull, white walls. Instead, pick colours that will improve creativity and productivity and give your employees a functional, practical, and enjoyable environment.

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