23 Feb 2020, 21:09

Boost Your Business By Improving Employee Happiness

On average, workers spend only 4% more time with their spouses than they do with their colleagues - we’ll let you decide if that is a good thing or not. Either way, we all spend a lot of time at work. This can be made a lot easier by improving employee happiness and boosting your business.

As an office manager, you can nurture a feel-good factor in the office. This encourages everybody to achieve positive results for the business. A happy and motivated workforce will have the best intentions for your business.

Boost Your Business - Employee Happiness

So, what can you do to improve employee happiness in your office and boost your business in the process? Here are some ideas that you can try to create a happy haven for your employees.

Tip #1 - Banish The Monday Morning Syndrome

Monday morning has a horrible stigma which is usually associated with work. If you can change this perception with your employees, you can get the week off to a great start. Give informal 30-minute breakfast brainstorming sessions. Some croissants and a cup of coffee/tea can take the unpleasantness out of Monday morning.

It allows your employees to start the week in a positive frame of mind and share their thoughts and ideas. When you take the sting out of Monday, it can improve employee happiness. It can put a positive and productive slant to the beginning of the week.

Tip #2 - Encourage Flexible Working Hours

Another idea is to give your employees the option of working flexible hours. A study on the impact of flexible working hours on Work-Life balance found that it reduced stress in employees and improved their well-being. It can also boost your business with greater employee productivity and higher profits.

Flexible working hours can also reduce cases of absenteeism and sick days. Employees appreciate the fact that they can control their hours. It helps them achieve the right work/life balance for themselves.

Tip #3 - Create A Happy And Healthy Working Environment

Give your employees a healthy office environment with comfortable surroundings. Consider creating a separate area designated only for your employees to relax. Place attractive plants and relaxed seating so they can unwind in their break times.

The kitchen and bathroom are places that your employees use daily. They are also prime areas where germs can spread. Think about using a professional commercial cleaning company to assist you. They can make the office look and feel immaculate. This attention to detail will not go unnoticed by your happy employees.

Clients that visit will notice the clean office and your happy employees. This positive first impression can boost your business relationships. You will be the first company in your client’s mind for any new contracts.

Tip #4 - Attract Top Talent And Boost Your Business

Word gets around when a company respects employee happiness. Happy employees at your company will recommend your business. These people will, in turn, tell others. You could think about offering a “Recommend a Friend” bonus. You will save money on recruitment costs and find other motivated staff to join your happy team.

Everybody wants to work somewhere that feels good. The friendly vibe in the office can also help to close those important interviews. Attracting high calibre candidates can boost your business and make your company competitive in the industry.

Tip #5 - Offer Career Progression To Boost Your Business

And remember, don’t forget the current staff. A study found that job stagnation was a major contributor to employee churn. Offer clear career paths for progression and paid courses through the company to aid their promotion. They will be grateful for the opportunity and will be more likely to stay with your business.

Tip #6 - Say Thank You

A thank you goes a long way with employees. It is easy to forget that they are your greatest asset. Thanking them takes 2 minutes of your time. All employees want to feel appreciated. A thank you is an easy and effective way to increase employee happiness in your company.

In Conclusion

Start waving your happiness wand around the office and enjoy the happy ambience. You can create an office that makes your employees feel comfortable and motivated. Bridging the gap between the workers and management can give you greater insight. You can then use this fresh perspective to boost your business further.