How to get more out of your office kitchen

 28 Jun 2021

A well-designed kitchen can be one of the most important places in your office, a space to relax, refuel and reinforce a good work-life balance. The ideal kitchen will keep staff healthy, happy and productive.

Here are some of the top reasons why we think you should consider installing an office kitchen in your workplace.

Promotes Camaraderie: 

It can be tempting to purchase food offsite and hurry back to your desk, but a vital part of any workplace team is building a strong and supportive office culture. This can be achieved through socialising. With a kitchen in the heart of the office, you get to bond with your fellow employees over a cup of coffee, sandwich or afternoon snack. The kitchen is the heart of a home, and likewise, when there is an office kitchen, employees gravitate there for thoughtful and productive conversations.

Boosts Productivity: 

When you have a comfortable, inviting kitchen space, it’s easier to take a breather there. Everybody needs some downtime so their brain can unwind. Although it might sound counterintuitive, taking regular breaks improves productivity. A study from the Scandinavian Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology found that taking lunchtime breaks and detaching from work decreases exhaustion and increases energy levels.

Saves Money: 

Between your early morning latte and a lunchtime splurge, you could be spending more than £10 to £15 a day eating out, especially if you visit restaurants. Over a week or a month, your pocket will take quite a hit. Save a small fortune by bringing food from home and eating in the kitchen.

Promotes Healthy Eating Habits: 

According to research by BUPA, almost one-third of UK workers usually eat lunch at their desks, yet there are many health risks associated with not taking a proper break. These include overeating due to distraction, increased stress levels that come from not having time out and risks from bacteria on the desk, keyboard and phone. An onsite kitchen area provides everyone with a clean environment in which to eat and drink.

Additionally, having a space to store healthy snacks and lunches discourages trips to cafés, shops and restaurants where many tempting, less nutritious options await.

Gives You A Multi-Functional Space: 

No matter how big or small your office, meeting places will always be required. A kitchen can be a great place to hold impromptu meetings if conference rooms are booked up.

Enhances Creativity: 

The kitchen is a great place to meet informally, away from the strict environment of a meeting room. Being in a casual space helps the mind relax and the brain to generate ideas and be more receptive to different ways of thinking.

Designing the Perfect Kitchen Space

Enjoying all these benefits depends on having a great kitchen area, a suitable place where people will feel comfortable. Here are a few things to consider when creating your space:

  • Don’t scrimp on quality. Ensure everything is hardwearing
  • Create a boundary such as glass partitions to prevent noise from the kitchen disturbing working colleagues
  • Provide enough space for your employees to eat and relax without being on top of each other. A cramped kitchen is no good to anyone.
  • Consider flexible seating arrangements that can serve several purposes

Final Thought

Encouraging staff to take breaks and use the kitchen facilities will go a long way to improving teambuilding, collaboration, productivity and personal wellbeing.

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