26 May 2020, 15:05

How to design an office that increases productivity

Research conducted by employee experience and workplace performance company Leesman discovered that 84.9% of employees felt the design of a workplace was important.

Due to Covid-19, most employees are currently working from home, but when they return, Facilities Managers are going to have to make some big changes. Now could be the perfect time to incorporate some of these ideas to create an office that also increases productivity. It can be a workspace that your employees will love so they can thrive when they are back in the office. One that shows your company values and highlights your brand, all at the same time.

Creating an office that increases productivity

 A team of researchers at Saïd Business School at Oxford University found that employee happiness increases productivity. Also, according to Leesman’s CEO, Tim Olsman, an effective work environment is key to enhancing productivity.

With some foresight and office designer tips, you can create something fresh and new. So, what are the main areas to consider when you design an office that increases productivity?

Air quality

A two-year study by Brookes University found that there is a direct connection between air quality and productivity. Workers were able to work up to 60% faster in environments that had less carbon dioxide. So, consider bringing in some plants to oxygenate the air and double-check ventilation systems and regularly change filters.

Choose the right colour

You could paint the walls in a colour that represents your brand. But, if you want to take it a step further, you could select a colour that will resonate with your employees. Blue could be the right colour choice to promote productivity. According to colour psychology, blue is suitable for intellectual thought.

Lights, camera, action

Lighting can have a dramatic effect on productivity at work. If possible, try to position your employees so they can receive natural light. The natural light will keep employees more alert. They will suffer fewer headaches from eye strain. You could consider changing some of the doors or windows to let more natural light into the office.

Open all areas or designated zones

Open plan or sectioned areas has been a heated debate for many years. Both have research to support the fact that they can increase productivity in an office. The real test would be to offer both environments if you can, and employees can work to their preference.

Plant power for productivity

According to psychologist Dr Craig Knight, indoor plants in an office can increase productivity in a range of 32% to 38%. With such a high statistic, it is well worth placing some plants in the office. You could consider using these ten house plants for cleaner air in the office.

Take a timeout

One of the keys areas in an office for employees is where they can take their breaks. This area is where they can take a timeout and come back to their desk, feeling refreshed and ready to go. Spend some time creating a relaxing space for your staff. Consider the colour scheme, seating, refreshments and keep it clean.

 In Summary

An office that increases productivity should be an attractive space. A place that engages employees and makes them feel valued. Gone are the days of filing cabinets, massive computers, and piles of paperwork. Employees enjoy working somewhere that has their health and well-being in mind. In a world where adapting to change is becoming the norm. Now is the perfect time to think about redesigning your office. It will help to increase your employees’ happiness and productivity. It will give the office a clean, fresh start.​