10 Apr 2020, 08:42

How To Stay Effective When Working Remotely

Due to the coronavirus, many workers are now working remotely for the very first time. The term remote working has skyrocketed on google since March. Working from home might not seem a challenge for some employees. But for others, they might worry about how they can stay effective when working remotely.

The good news is it is possible to remain productive and effective working from home. In fact, according to a global survey by Owl Lab in  2018 remote workers were 24% more likely to feel and happy and productive at work.  To help you on your way, use these five tips to keep your work on track and stay effective in your job!

Tip #1 - Set Up Your Home Office Correctly

Setting up your “home office” might seem like an alien language, if you are not very tech minded. Don’t let this put you off. If you are struggling to make things work, reach out to the designated IT expert at your company. They can help talk you through a proper set up over the phone.

Instead of battling with a slow internet connection, take the expert advice on offer. You will end up having a faster internet connection and can stay on top of your work.

Tip #2 - Stay Connected With Your Colleagues

You might feel lonely in the first few days that you are working from home. You might miss the hustle and bustle of the office with your work colleagues. Let’s face it; it is a significant change to your normal work routine. The Head of The Chartered Management Institute, Anne Francke, recommends that companies arrange daily checks will colleagues. This helps employees avoid feelings of isolation.

A quick chat with a colleague can give you a well-needed boost for your work and help you feel connected. Also, your company could use Slack for messaging amongst the employees. It is possible to create messaging groups, based on the different business departments.

Tip #3 - Use Productivity Tools For Effective Time Management

There are a plethora of productivity tools out there that can help you. Remote working can be distracting for some people. Even more so if you have never done it before. If this sounds like you, a productivity tool could be perfect for helping you focus on your work.

If you are part of a team that has targets and goals to reach, Assana should be your first port of call. Another popular tool is Trello; it is suitable for individual use or in a team capacity. The free version is very generous and is ideal for most business needs.

Tip #4 - Master The Art Of Video Conferencing

Seeing a familiar face from work, be it your boss or a work colleague, can give you a lift. With the wonders of modern technology, it is easy to have a video conference call. Google Hangouts is a good solution for businesses.

Try to use video calls as often as you can, so you can have face-to-face contact with people from your office. If you find Google Hangouts too complicated, you can always use Skype, which is very simple to use.

Tip 5 # Take Regular Breaks To Reset Yourself

So you can stay effective when working remotely, get in the habit of taking regular breaks. Physically move away from your computer screen or phone. It gives your mind and body time to unwind. You can then come back refreshed with a clearer perspective and will be more productive.

Meanwhile...Back At The Office

While everybody is out of the office, this is a great time to bring in a professional cleaning company. It will give them time and space to assess the office layout. They can then create the best weekly cleaning programme.

Cleanliness is more important than ever right now. Also, knowing that you will return to a safe environment can be very reassuring. The professional cleaners can get the office all spick and span, ready for your return.

Looking Forward

Don’t worry; you will be back in your “normal” office soon. Meanwhile, the new remote working skills that you learn will stay with you forever. You will be able to incorporate some of them into your working routine when you return to the office. It is rewarding to know that working from home could improve your productivity. These new skills could be for use not just at home, but for the rest of your business career as well.