24 Aug 2020, 14:41

Reducing our mark on the planet with Planet Mark Certification

NuServe has been passionate about how our operations can reduce our carbon footprint and deliver on sustainable services. Through this central ethos, we seek to ensure you can also achieve your own goals in environmental and social value issues. And so, we have worked tirelessly to now have been awarded the Planet Mark certification.

Planet Mark was set up in 2012 in collaboration with the Eden Project to create a leading programme for businesses and organisations around the world, driven by people, to create sustainable development. The well-known and much-loved eco-centre, the Eden Project, is set in the Cornwall countryside, connecting each other with the living world and explores how we can all work towards a better world.

The award itself recognises our outstanding achievement in implementing continuous improvements through action. This isn’t just another certificate for ticking boxes but is regularly assessed with measurements and targets that have a true impact on the world around us and the environments and spaces where we work.

How the Award Works

NuServe has been marked on 4 main areas to achieve this certificate:


You cannot change what you do not measure. We focus on assessing our carbon footprint and setting new targets to reduce by.

NuServe is proud to have achieved a carbon-neutral status, offsetting any emissions that we produce through our operations with programmes and funding for carbon reduction. In fact, the actual measurements show that we produced negative emissions. Our targets for the next year are a further 5% reduction in overall carbon footprint.


Unlocking our employees’ talents, knowledge, and passions, we have implemented a series of workshops and toolkits to engage with climate change and understand the vital role of the rain forests.

Our workshops include basic communication and engagement workshops, enhanced sustainability workshops that help develop a 3-year sustainability plan, and kick-starter workshops to look at improvements to be made for next year’s certification. There are internal awards for engaged employees, which include tickets to visit the Eden Project, and yes, we will find the most economic and sustainable way to get there!


Having the confidence in our efforts to effect change, we don’t want to keep this award to ourselves, but encourage making a difference in the local communities where we operate, our clients, business partners, and all stakeholders through positive influencing in sustainability and social value.

Social Value

We strongly believe that to support and nurture the communities around us, we can give back and make the world a better place, one neighbour at a time.

Our commitment to social value, where we shine, includes direct engagement by our people which includes community involvement and volunteering, direct donations, sustainable and local procurement plans and measuring our local environmental impacts. We also look at employing local staff and so better serving local economies. Overall, our social value for the past year has equated to over £4.6 million.

How does this help You?

Working with NuServe and our Planet Mark certification, you have convenient access to a first-class team of cleaning operatives, porters, handymen and with supplies that are carefully selected to meet your own targets and still maintain top quality hygiene and cleanliness. As a business, we are more than happy to share our achievement with you, and the best practices that we have learnt along our journey that will only go to better serve you.