Six Traits of Awesome Employers

 5 Mar 2021

As you may know, March is B Corp Month - an entire month dedicated to businesses like NuServe that are driving change by meeting rigorous social and environmental standards.

This year's theme is being a 'better business' which means prioritising constant improvements that "exceed the expectations, demands and needs of society and the planet." During this week, the focus is on what it means to be a better employer.

Everybody wants to work for a great company, where employees are fairly remunerated, appreciated for their contributions and allowed to grow. So, in honour of B Corp Month, we're highlighting the top six traits of awesome employers.

Awesome Employers Communicate Well and Often

Great companies don't leave their employees in the dark. They keep everyone in the loop with clear, precise, open and honest communication about the company's goals, mission and how it is performing. This creates a trusting environment, reduces conflict and improves morale.

Awesome Employers Recognise Employee Accomplishments

Recognition is key to establishing a great relationship with individual employees. People want to know they are making significant contributions, and recognition confirms others value their work. A pat on the back for a job well done makes a person feel more valued and motivates them to continue doing great work. Sometimes when people quit their jobs, it's because they feel undervalued or not valued at all.

Awesome Employers Understand the Importance of Work-Life Balance

Although employers cannot provide a 100% work-life balance for their employees as personal responsibility also plays a part, they put their people first before anything else. They recognise their employees work hard but also have a life outside of work, so they support them to get the balance right through workplace practices and initiatives. These include flexible and remote working, regularly reviewing workloads, encouraging breaks and providing support for parents.

A good work-life balance lets staff feel more in control of their working life and leads to a happier, less stressed workforce, more engaged staff and fewer instances of sickness and absenteeism.

Awesome Employers Are Team Builders

Employers who believe passionately in what they're doing and care deeply about their mission inspire others to feel the same way. They believe in the power of the team and view employees as team members who must work together for the company to succeed.

Awesome Employers Provide Opportunities for Growth

It is human nature to want to grow and improve. Awesome employers place the same emphasis on advancement and learning, creating a culture in which employees can reach their goals. Managers take an active and personal interest in employee aspirations, encourage mentorship programmes and offer training and learning opportunities.

Awesome Employers Have A Positive and Inspiring Culture

Company culture affects every aspect of the business, from recruiting and retaining top talent to improving employee performance and satisfaction. It is the backbone of a happy workforce. People want to work in a positive, inspiring workplace that helps to elevate their performance and do incredible things.

Our Best Assets Are Our People

As a B Corp certified company, we are proud to put our incredible people first, providing a great employee experience and a collaborative, nurturing environment.

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