Thank Your Cleaner Day – 16th October

 28 Oct 2019

Thank Your Cleaner Day is an initiative started in New Zealand in 2015 and is gaining popularity around the world as a way of showing our appreciation for those that clean our offices, factories, schools, and other public buildings.

The cleaning industry is perhaps one of the most undervalued of all professions, but without the hard work, unsociable hours and dedication that cleaning professionals put in to make sure our offices and critical infrastructure are clean and safe, our productivity, health, and way of life would quickly suffer.

In 2019, Thank Your Cleaner Day fell on the 16th of October. NuServe felt it important to get involved and thank our cleaners, and other support staff, for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

Working with our clients and their staff, we were collectively able to show our appreciation to our staff in a number of wonderful and thoughtful ways.

Some examples of the gestures made:

How should we recognise our cleaners?

If you employ your own cleaners or run a cleaning business like NuServe, make sure that your cleaners are well trained, supported and rewarded. Pay a fair wage, make sure they have training and equipment to ensure their health and wellbeing. Offer a clear career progression path and have a recognition programme in place to reward good work.

If you use a cleaning contractor, you could offer to pay cleaning staff the living wage, and small gestures like leaving thank you notes or involving your cleaners in the day to day life in your business will help them to feel valued and included.

Thank your cleaner day 2020

Next year, Thank Your Cleaner Day is on 20th October 2020 - put it in your diary. We hope that the momentum behind this movement continues and that all staff and colleagues are recognised and treated fairly, not just on Thank Your Cleaner Day, but throughout the whole year.

Be part of the Thank Your Cleaner Day and say “Thank You!” to the hard-working people responsible for your safe and clean workplace.

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