When Is The Best Time To Have Your Office Cleaned?

 17 Jul 2018

When is the best time to have your office cleaned? The question is as old as offices themselves. And yet there is still no definitive answer.

Why is that?

You can have a clean up during working hours throughout the day or you can leave it until after all of your office staff have gone home for the day. Another option is to have the cleaners do their work early in the morning so that they are gone before your office workers start their day.

There are pros and cons to each solution, but the ultimate answer will depend on the circumstances in your particular office.

Let’s take a look at some things you might need to consider when trying to decide the best time to get your office spotless.

The Out Of Hours Office Clean

First things first...the standard of cleaning is sometimes better with an out of hours office clean.

Indeed, some studies show that out of office cleaning is generally 40 per cent better than office cleans during business hours.

Why is that? Well, one main reason is that it’s more difficult for cleaners to clean surfaces around staff and office visitors than it is to clean an unoccupied space.

Some things to weigh up...


  • Cleaners can’t distract (annoy?) your staff & customers if they clean out of hours
  • Cleaners don’t have to keep retracing their steps to re-clean dirty areas
  • Cleaners prefer it - a massive 98 per cent of cleaners say they prefer to clean a completely unoccupied office space


  • Large offices need to be cleaned constantly so out of hours might be out of the question
  • Bigger bills - because you need to leave things like lighting and heating on for longer
  • Security - who will supervise the cleaners if nobody else is around?

The Daytime Office Clean

So, how about the daytime office clean then? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages with taking that route?


  • Reduced energy consumption - and therefore reduced utility bills
  • The office should be clean all through the working day


  • Cleaners can get in the way of your staff (and vice versa)
  • Doesn’t always add up to the most efficient and deep clean

It’s all going to come down to balance. 9 in 10 staff (understandably) say that they want things like toilet rolls, soap dispensers and hand towels topped up throughout the day. However, 3 in 5 office staff don’t want to have the vacuum cleaner in their workspace during the day.

It can be difficult to reconcile the foibles of all members of your team so you may find that a mix of some essential cleaning tasks throughout the day, coupled with a more thorough clean outside of office hours is the only way to go.

Whatever you office needs, we are here to help you with your daily clean. Get in touch with us for a quote for your office today...

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