22 Apr 2020, 19:18

Working From Home: How To Maintain Good Mental Health

A study conducted by Buffer found that 20% of workers struggle with loneliness when working remotely. If you are not used to working by yourself, you might experience feelings of isolation.

So, when you are working from home, to maintain good mental health you will need to change your work routine. You can put steps in place that make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Here are several things that you and your colleagues can do so you can stay mentally active and happy.

Tip #1 Create a Motivational Routine

You can improve your work from home experience by creating a brand-new routine. The benefit of working from home is that this routine can take any form you like (within reason). Having a routine will ensure you have structure and will help to kick the day off.

Many people find routine comforting and it could help you to stop dwelling on any negative thoughts. By creating a better method for working from home, you can follow your schedule and reduce any potential anxiety or stress from wondering what you need to do.

  • Try to arrange virtual face-to-face meetings at various stages throughout the day. This planning breaks up the day and helps you stay in regular contact with your colleagues.
  • A quick summary team meeting at the start or end of each day with your manager can help you set daily goals to complete tasks.
  • Don’t forget to schedule lunch and some breaks.

It might take a few days to get used to a new routine. But it will help you adapt to your home working environment and help keep you motivated.

Tip #2 Avoid Burnout By Taking Breaks

It is tempting when working from home to get on with your work and take fewer breaks. So you do not overwork yourself and have the risk of a burnout, make sure that you take some proper time to relax. Active adults are 30% more likely to have improved wellbeing and 30% less likely to feel distressed than inactive adults.

It is best, if you can, to leave your home and take a short walk. You can do this as part of your daily exercise during a lockdown. This change of scenery, fresh air, and body movement can all contribute to a positive mood. If you have to stay at home, you could always consider doing a walking video online to help you relax. Also, schedule in some quiet time and try meditation, mindfulness, or yoga.

Tip #3 Talk To Somebody

There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed if you are struggling mentally. In a press release in 2019, the WHO detailed that one in four people will experience mental or neurological disorders in their lives.

If you find that you are struggling to maintain good mental health, reach out to your family and friends. You can share with them how you feel. Also, you could contact the MIND organisation for help and support.

Tip #4 Clean Living To Maintain Good Mental Health

Living a clean and healthy life while you are working from home is beneficial. Create a regular cleaning schedule to keep your home clean. Also, eating the right food can help you to maintain good mental health.  Try incorporating healthy foods into your diet. You will notice the positive difference in your mindset. The Mediterranean diet, as opposed to a Western diet, can reduce the risk of depression from 25%-35%.

You could also think about boosting office morale when colleagues return to the office. A facility management company can help keep drink and food dispensers stocked with healthy products. Additionally, they also offer other beneficial services, such as office cleaning.

Tip #5 Sleep For At Least 8 Hours

According to The Sleeping Foundation, sleep can impact our mental health. They state that there is a bidirectional relationship between sleeping and our moods. It is easy to think you will not need as much sleep as you are not commuting to work. But good quality sleep gives your body and mind the time it needs to repair itself.

Without this healing time, your body and mind are not in balance. This lack of proper relaxation could lead to mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and stress. So, aim to go to bed earlier and try to get at least eight hours of sleep. You will feel more rested and will be more productive.

In Conclusion - Working From Home

 Office management is a vital business function. But managing your mental health and that of your colleagues is essential. Currently, we are all “in it together”, and anything we can do to maintain good mental health is worth doing. Follow these tips to work from home in a more positive state of mind and feel happier.

  • Follow a motivational routine.
  • Take “real” breaks.
  • Talk to somebody if you are struggling.
  • Clean your environment and eat healthy food.
  • Sleep for at least eight hours.