• Customer care

    With a 10 person Account Management team caring for just 120 customers, we're able to provide first class customer service

  • 93% quality rated

    Cleaning inspections, completed on tablets, show 93% satisfaction with our cleaning standards

  • Happy customers

    Typically starting with a 12 month agreement, our average customer relationship extends beyond six years

People first

Our success relies on our ability to find, motivate and retain a team of positive folk who are committed to delivering outstanding service. Pret a Manger co-founder Sinclair Beecham, when asked how he managed to keep the team smiling, replied simply that he hired people who liked to smile. We do our best to emulate that principle.

It's really important to us, as a family business, that everyone is treated with respect and we encourage our directors and managers to roll up their sleeves when our cleaning teams need a hand. We're also a Recognised Living Wage Service Provider and celebrate team success through our "Above and Beyond" recognition program.

Award winning training

In 2013 we won the iFM technology in FM award for our staff training and engagement platform. Since then, it's been redeveloped to be better than ever, and our team will soon be able to watch training videos, take quizzes and earn vouchers, right from their own mobiles.

That said, technology doesn't replace good old fashioned, face to face training, and we've doubled down in this area too. With a ratio of 1 Manager to every 12 Customer sites, we've invested in our ability to induct and train our teams. This ensures everyone receives regular, ongoing training. 

Thorough background screening

The right of all our staff to work in the UK is critical to our business and to our customers’ peace of mind, and we take our responsibility to thoroughly screen all our candidates very seriously. We cross-refer each candidate’s ID against a central database to ensure it hasn’t been stolen and all documentation is scanned to determine its authenticity.

Where required, further DBS and credit checks will be undertaken and fast-tracked through the use of smart technology.

Intelligent attendance management

We use state-of-the-art IT systems to keep tabs on the attendance and activities of our teams. All personnel are required to clock in and out electronically at the beginning and end of their shift and these times can be monitored remotely and reported on. The clock-in terminal can also display instructions – for example, to remind a specific team member to carry out a particular task – and staff can acknowledge receipt by clicking ‘OK’.

RFID tags can also be placed outside key locations, such as washrooms, so that Housekeepers can log the start and completion time of each clean in that area. They can also log faults through the same system. This data forms part of our regular audits (see below). 

Quality and Health & Safety auditing

NuServe is both ISO9001 and Safe-Contractor approved. Our quality and Health & Safety auditing processes also benefit from the speed and functionality of mobile technology. Audits are completed on iPads or mobile devices, which enables photographic records as well as notes and scores. Reports can then be emailed directly to all stakeholders as soon as the inspection is completed, allowing any issues to be dealt with immediately.

Our contract management team also use their mobile devices to record everything from site visits to training records to accident reports. The information is sent to our CRM system, from where it can be reported on and shared with customers, either as part of a monthly report or as and when required.

Chemical free cleaning

As an ISO 14001 certified company, one of our objectives is to reduce the impact of chemicals on the environment as a result of cleaning. In 2010 we pioneered the adoption of bio-enzymatic cleaning agents, utilising the power of nature to keep our customers’ offices clean.

The added benefit of these eco-friendly cleaning products is that they are safer for users and, in particular, far kinder to sufferers of allergies and asthma. They are also less likely to cause damage to the fabric of the building. Our ‘green’ range of cleaning materials is certified under the EU Ecolabel, Ecologo and Defra Approved buying scheme.

Cost saving efficiency

An unstructured cleaning programme wastes time and money. We aim for maximum efficiency in the use of our resources by making sure that our cleaning teams are properly trained, equipped and instructed on the most efficient order in which to complete their tasks. This efficiency also helps to dramatically improve cleaning standards.

We encourage our customers to access further cost savings by giving consideration to the placement of waste bins, arrangements for the collection of cutlery and crockery, and the fitting of modern washroom dispensers to reduce the frequency with which replenishment is necessary.